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The CDF is a personal project that spawned out of necessity due to working on several PHP projects, encompassing the requirements of data access and abstracted web development. It is very common to do the same tasks over and over, and because of this, it is easily possible for mistakes to show up.

By creating the CDF, the idea is that the repeatable tasks become less necessary and increases the security and robustness of the end PHP application.

While there are many different PHP frameworks already in existence, few provide a simple mid-level model that approaches common PHP tasks. The CDF is built around well-established programming practices and uses the language of PHP itself without needing to resort to curious macros or hundreds of include files.

Keeping the entire framework small, featuring a common set of core functionality, it doesn’t interfere with the actual application it is supporting. The day the project grows to 25 or more classes is when it has outlived its usefulness.


Because the framework is designed to be small, its feature set is remarkably shorter than other PHP frameworks. Here is a run-down:
  • A fully object-orientated approach to data stored in a database table (CDFDataObject)
  • Secure querying of MySQL servers
  • Data type guarantees and robust type
  • Useful HTTP utility (safe use of $_POST, redirection)
  • HTML page templates, powered by PHP Savant
  • No external dependencies other than what PHP provides out-of-the-box.

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